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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Trying New Post Frequency Policy


It was brought to my attention via a dear and trusted fellow blogger and friend of mine, that each entry to the gallery should receive an ample amount of time on the "front-page," or index page as it were, to the gallery. Posting too frequently, either by posting more than nine new entries a day or posting several new entries everyday, would cause a blog to fall into the "next" page of entries, thereby ending it's "shine-time" on the gallery index.

Implementing a "post-frequency policy," with a 48 hour minimum interval between the next installment of new entries, and also limiting the next posting installment to a maximum of nine new entries garantees that each entry into the gallery will receive no less than 48 hours of "shine-time" on the main page.

 By internet standards,  2 days can be an eternity, it may prove to be even too long of an interval for the gallery as well. So as of the most recent gallery update 6/20/11, the policy is in affect, but it has not become part of the gallery's consitution. I do feel that each blog should have it's moment on the main page and this is something I would like to garantee, this 48 hour interval policy is still subject to change.

We'll see! One thing is for certain, I want blogger's and their blogs to have their moment, and hope that it does bring them some new visitors.

If you would like your blog to be featured in the gallery, submit it already!

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