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Monday, June 20, 2011

Launching The GlitterBurned Gallery Blog!


Hello, hello blogger friends and friends of Blogger. With this post, the official GlitterBurned has arrived.

If you are not yet familiar with GlitterBurned, let me explain what it it that we are. GlitterBurned is a design gallery, showcasing the best Blogger powered blogs, and only Blogger powered blogs.

While it hasn't been much time since GlitterBurned's humble beginnings in May of 2011, I (Lauren, the creator of the GlitterBurned gallery) felt the need for a traditional written blog, in addition to the gallery blog, where each post consists of an entry to the gallery.

This left no place for traditional blog posts, updates or articles. The GlitterBurned Blog solves this problem. Now the news, updates and other articles I might want to share pertaining to the gallery, have their place, here in this the official blog.

And besides, it also provides another spotlight for blogs in the gallery. On the homepage of this blog, five randomly selected blogs will be featured for an additional week, with a direct link as well.

Another additional moment-in-the-sun I have planned for blogs in the gallery, is an ongoing feature here in the official blog, tentatively titled "The Exlusive!," where Q. and A. with a featured blogger is to be shared

Stay tuned friends, and feel free to comment!

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