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GlitterBurned is a showcase gallery featuring Blogger Powered blogs. On our blog we of course post on all new entries to the gallery, as well as news, updates, tips and tutorials for users of the Blogger platform.



GlitterBurned is a design gallery showcasing Blogger powered blogs, created in May 2011 as a pet project of Lauren Thompson, creator of the blog Nymphont.

The GlitterBurned Blog was created in addition to the gallery, to serve as a "companion blog," and as a forum for sharing other happenings about GlitterBurned that we couldn't share in the gallery. More about GlitterBurned can be read at the gallery's About page.

The blog is also another opportunity for gallery featured blogs to shine, with random gallery features and a direct link displayed in the "Recently Featured" section of the main blog page, and an "exclusive" post feature as well. All featured blogs are welcome & invoted to participate in The Exclusive. Read more about The Exclusive here.

If you would like to have your blog featured in the gallery, please do submit your blog! Send any other inquiries and comments for glitterburned now with our online contact form, or email them to

Thanks for visiting!

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