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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Handy CSS Resources


In that never ending quest spawned by an addiction to blogging, I have come across a few really handy tools for the trade. Some of these tools I employ in a fashion fundamental to my blogging pursuits. Some I even consider essential in my blogging endeavors. Must haves.

Perhaps, a fellow blog addict would also appreciate these resources. Recently, CSS examples and tutorials have proven most handy. Here are the some sweet CSS treats I am loving right now.

All CSS Tool-tip With Click-able Links

All CSS "Tool-tip" With Click-able Links

The "tool-tip" with click-able link effect on the "Recently Featured..." thumbnails is modified from a CSS Play demo. With a few adjustments, I was able to create just the effect I was after.

All CSS Calendar With Click-able Link Tool-tip

All CSS Calendar With Click-able Link Tool-tip

After much time scouring the web for a CSS calendar tutorial for the gallery's archive page, discovering CSS Newbies was quite a site for sore eyes. It's just what I wanted, simple, and all CSS. The tool-tips were just an added bonus. Just a few adjustments and this CSS calendar fit the Gallery Archive page like a glove. It displays best in Google Chrome, but it is worth it. (It is also possible, that any display issues are the result of my own changes to the code, not existing in the original version.) I do recommend this for any such calendar needs on your blog.

Free Contact Forms by 123Contact Form

Free Contact Forms by 123Contact Form

I have come to find out that my satisfaction regarding free contact form providers and services provided may increase or decrease with use, but thus far, 123ContactForm has fullfilled my contact form needs and comes out ahead of all the others I have tried.

The "pros" of this service outweigh my few "qualms" or the "cons." A key factor in their winning my vote, is that they allow up to 100 submissions per free form, which they allow five, this is a greater amount than I have been able to find with other similar services. The "qualms" I do have are minor, the interface at 123ContactForms takes a little getting used to and can be somewhat confusing, and some aspects of the forms design can not be customized.  I use this for all form needs in the Blog and Gallery.

All CSS Speech Bubbles on the GlitterBurned Gallery

All-CSS Speech Bubble

Why use an image when you can use CSS, right? That would be my thoughts on the matter at least. On the gallery, the post comment count links beside each entry are placed within an all CSS/image-less 'speech bubble,' devised with the help of this tutorial. An image could have worked, but it wouldn't have worked quite as well as this.

Well, that wraps up this edition of GlitterBurned's must haves. I hope that they may provide useful to you as well.

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