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Monday, January 23, 2012

New Rule For Submissions!


Hello all. There have been a few changes at GlitterBurned. Most have gone off quietly, such as the overhaul of the 'Recent Entries" feature on the main page among others, while a few, such as the new rule regarding submissions I'm writing about today do necessitate an announcement.

New Rule Implemented & applied as of January 22, 2012: Entries to the gallery must be written in English.

This means, GlitterBurned is only accepting English language blogs at this time. Entries received prior to this date, (January 22, 2012) are not affected by the change, it will not apply to them.

While I truly wish that I did not have to restrict anyone, this rule has been implemented since I am unable to understand the content of blogs written in any other language. I aim for the gallery to consist of blogs with quality content, and I am simply unable to verify this fact about blogs that are not written in the English language.

I apologize to those of you with fabulous written in another language that are no longer elligible for acceptance in the gallery. I am sure that this new restriction will exclude many super blogs that otherwise would have been accepted. I hope you understand, Thank you.

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