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Monday, January 30, 2012

Handy Blogger Resources #1


Hidey-ho Blogger fellows! Now that the gallery and blog is back in full-swing, it's high time to share some more handy Blogger resources. And times, they are-a-changing, at least for those of us on the Blogger platform recently.

In effort to keep up with the pace of these changing times, a few Blogger resources have proven mighty handy. Perhaps one could be just as handy to you as well.

Blogspot Rising Stars
A new blog listing blogs by their page views with a little detail as well. I found this handy since page views and all that jazz are not something I had previously been too concerned about. With these changing times and all, it is an area I would like to get aquainted with, and work on.

Add Descriptions to Label Gadget
Add descriptive text to appear along with a label. I like it! This is one that I have not implemented myself, but it still caught my eye with all sorts of future uses and potential usefulness as well.

Align Google +1, Tweet and Facebook Like Buttons
Don't I know about share button alignment issues! If you've tried to add these codes to your template, chances are you know exactly how exausting the task can be. Blogger Sentral has a simple solution to your share button woes with an all-in-one copy and paste code to align these buttons horizontally. A floating vertically aligned version is also available.

How to Enable Threaded Comments on Blogger
Also from Blogger Sentral is this tutorial on enabling threaded comments on Blogger. Easy to understand instructions on how to equip your custom template with threaded comments and get with the times!

True, neither the GlitterBurned Blog or Gallery is yet outfitted with threaded comments, but make no mistake, threaded comments are in the works for the Gallery. At present, comments on the gallery have been disabled altogether thanks to the hefty spammer participantship. Whence the new comment system is installed, they should be easier to wrangle.

As for this blog... threaded comments aren't the highest priority where comments do not exist, but such an atmosphere might be just the place to experiement. Stay tuned!


  1. I was wrestling with threaded comments on my custom template like, last week! Instead of resetting my blog widget, I went through ad manually copy and pasted the changed comment code from a generic default template into my custom template.

    It took a bit of time to make sure I got all the right bits, but in the end it meant I kept all my customizations and learned a bit more about how Blogger handles comments. :D

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for commenting. :) I am also in favor of making making the change manually as you have described, good for you!

    I'm just not comfortable 'copying and pasting' anything before having some understanding of the mechanics. So I like working directly in the template to get better acquainted.

    Matter of fact, I've been working in template code all day! (I am a nerd XD) Thanks again for stopping by and for the comment :)


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